Licensing and Delivery

Column Case Management is offered in various licensing options. Column Case Management is offered via a per seat license structure to lower the overall licensing costs. All options allow complete individual audit trails for each person logging into the application.

Per seat license options:

Read Only Licenses
These are free licenses that allow for limited permissions within the application.
Floating/Concurrent Licenses
Floating/Concurrent licenses allow user access to the application and can be used by multiple individuals. These license types can be used on shift schedules and create enormous savings.
Fixed Licenses
These licenses are owned by one person and allow access to the application at all times.

Column Case Management does not offer an enterprise licensing option. From our experience, we find that a combination of all licenses works best for most customers. Determining the maximum number of concurrent licenses is crucial to ensure a cost effective solution. An initial licensing assessment would be provided for the greatest savings to your organization.

Software Delivery Options

Managed Application Hosting

Column’s Managed Application Hosting provides the physical platform and managed environment for your case management investment. Column will install and configure your solution, and then monitor to ensure optimal speed and efficiency while it is in use. We ensure the integrity of your application by providing a high-level security environment. In the Managed Application Hosting you own the licenses while we provide you with the hardware infrastructure and monitoring of your systems.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

In today’s competitive environment, organizations are adopting Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) as an alternative to the traditional software option. Predictable costs coupled with ongoing maintenance allow organizations to concentrate on operations and not the daily upkeep of their systems. From the initial setup to post-live, continuous support, Column takes control of your system to provide a stable and effective solution.

What does Column’s SaaS Solution Include?

Secure Lock and Shield Icon
A software “rental” option, which provides a hosted application instance with appropriate safeguards to ensure security and segregation.
Continuous monitoring
We monitor and manage the environment, allowing you to focus on your business.

SaaS Benefits

Piggy Bank Icon
Save money with a lower per-user expense – and no infrastructure or maintenance costs
Best Practices Icon
Leverage industry best practices
Rapid Deployment
Save time with rapid deployment that aren’t possible with traditional software
Improved Security
Gain improved performance and security
Infrastructure Support
Use your technology resources to support your organization rather than infrastructure
Upgrade Icon
Seamlessly receive the latest innovations and upgrades

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