Law Enforcement

The Detective Challenge: How to manage massive amounts of information on property, people, evidence, sites while ensuring that they run an effective investigation? At the end of the day, law enforcement agencies are looking to improve their case management processes to get the optimal result: SOLVE THE CASE.

Not all solutions are created equal. Column Case Investigative has worked with the largest law enforcement agencies in the world to understand investigative best practice processes while ensuring an easy-to-use tool that gets the job done.

Manage your cases in a single, unified platform

From incident intake through case resolution and possibly to DA turnover, all of your data including audio, video, pictures, documents, files, associated evidence is in one unified tool. Through data visualization, all aspects of the case are tied in an easy to view interface.

Search and access all data sources in one place

Out of the box full text search engine can search Complaints, Cases, People, Sites, Property, Vehicles, Journals, and Attachments from a single Google® type search. This search engine can also be configured to search other databases and network directories. This provides a single point of searching, relating, and viewing for multiple systems.

Duplicate Management and Data Reconciliation

The last thing needed in investigating a case is duplicate data. Users are now able to see duplicate data when searching or creating a record. Reconciliation of data can be done by looking at the grouped records and having the option to join them.

Create reports for effective management of your investigations

With integrated reporting features there is no need to manage user’s permissions or accounts in another application. Users can launch dashboards, canned reports, or Ad Hoc reporting straight from the system.

Quickly determine case prioritization

Detectives will now be able to quickly determine what cases have a high solvability factor or have a high priority. It does this by using predefined factors such as, “Is there forensic evidence?” “Does it involve a weapon?” “Is it a linked crime series?” “Did it involve organized crime?” or by defining custom factors. Priorities can then help determine appropriate response thresholds.

Protect privacy and meet audit compliance and regulations

The solution was built with individual, group, and row level security while automatically tracking all activity including: successful and failed logins, records created, records modified, records deleted, records viewed, field level changes, and approval activity. Cases can also be bookmarked to watch for activity.

Our solution has been built for public safety organizations including: emergency management agencies, law enforcement, fire departments, rescue squads, security and Emergency Medical Services (EMS).

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