Column Case Investigative is a workflow-driven, commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) web-based case management solution for managing investigations. The solution lets you and every team member easily manage data in a secure and reliable environment.

Focused on the real-world needs of organizations handling investigations, Column Case Investigative offers the collaboration, content management, workflow automation, and integration features you need to improve your performance.

Column Case Investigative provides:

Record Management
Enhanced record, document, and evidence management
Secure Document Icon
Improved security and audit procedures
Data Stack
Increased data quality
Improved information access
Improved information access from search and data visualization
Computer Monitor with Electronic Form
Increased efficiency with electronic forms and customizable workflows
Stop Watch Icon
Access to up-to-the minute data with a customizable, web-based reports console
Case Closed
Increased solvability of cases

With Column Case Investigative, you will:

Sonar Tracking Icon
Keep track of case assignment, case disposition, notes, and supplemental information
Optimize productivity
Optimize user productivity with an intuitive web interface and role-based navigation
statistical analysis
Provide statistical analysis of case information
Bulls Eye Target Icon
Track unique characteristics of each case and compare to other cases for crimes that are related
information sharing
Enhance information sharing with highly secure, case-specific workspaces that allow almost any file format
protected document
Protect sensitive information using a variety of highly-flexible user, role, and information-based controls
workflow engine icon
Increase efficiency with the leading workflow engine that automates activities and enforces processes
information access
Improve information access with a search engine that indexes web pages, attachments, forms, and log entries
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