Column Technologies has a long history of successfully delivering case management solutions. With a reputation and capability that is built on the service we deliver, our implementation engagements are rooted in a balanced combination of process, technology and organizational readiness. We are committed to helping you identify and deliver performance benefits and will ensure we both measure the value of that success.

Implementation services to help you:

Reduce Costs
Reduce Costs – Ensure you get the most out of every person, asset, and business process
Improve Service Quality
Improve Service Quality – Implement solutions that meet and exceed the expectations of all team members and constituents
Manage Risk
Manage Risk – Provide a clear understanding of your services and infrastructure so that you are better able to define and control risks
Provide Transparency
Provide Transparency – Deliver solutions that ensure accountability and business intelligence
Increase Support
Increase Support – Map your investments and operational decisions to overall objectives

Our proven engagement process:

Business Process Workshops
Process Workshops – Our workshops are aimed at understanding best practices and making decisions on the elements of those processes. We go through the tool in depth to ensure all areas and functionalities are covered.
Project Management
Project Management – Our project management and certified professionals oversee your Column Case Management solution implementation. Project managers work together with your project team to ensure comprehensive and efficient solutions, implementations, and support.
Functional Requirements
Functional Requirements – Any configurations or customizations will be documented in a Function Requirements Overview and reviewed with the customer
Statement of Work
Statement of Work – After a detailed set of Functional Requirements is agreed upon, a Statement of Work is delivered. This outlines expectations, timelines, and service level agreements.

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